How do you do this?

Well, here it is. My first blog post. I have finally figured out how to create pages, categories, menus, and now posts. I feel like I am no longer lost and am ready to jump right in!


I completed my internship in December and have just returned to complete my final semester of Elementary Education. In all four years of University, I have never had to create a blog, nor have I ever had the idea or motivation to do so myself. I have worked with Microsoft programs, Apple programs, Google spaces, a variety of social media, and a few other forms of technology. I have used all of these things for my personal life, so the idea of using it for education is very intimidating.

I have been introduced to Remind, Seesaw, Kahoot and Smart Notebook, but have not implemented these in my teaching yet. It this point I am very nervous to do this, but it know that it is necessary.  I then found this Ted talk which inspires me to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to technology in my future classroom.

This video makes me realize that there are so many possibilities, and even if I don’t fully understand, my students will learn right alongside me. There are a crazy amount of tools ,and so many ways to implement them! I want my students to be using things they are interested in and to be excited about what they are learning.

I know that this class is just going to be the beginning. I have so much to learn, from not only myself, but also from the other individuals in this class. I couldn’t be more eager to explore new things and grow as an educator!

-Ms. S


I want to hear your thoughts!

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