Things Gone Wrong


Photo Credit: Know Your Meme

After being online for the first few classes I have decided that I really want step away from the technology that I am comfortable with. I want to find a way to video my desktop so others can view what I am doing. Additionally, instead of just videoing I want to be able to edit and add things to my video and make it stand out. I began by just googling how to do these things…

When I googled how to video my screen, the steps popped up right away. Soooo I got to work and tried to follow this procedure. It seemed to be going to well. I found the button that said “New Screen Recording”. I was so excited and clicked it! There was no sign that any type of recording had started. I continued to look, and look, and it was at that point that I realized that I had no idea what I was doing. I finally found a stop recording button and came to discover that I had been recording my screen for 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Even though it wasn’t as easy as the steps stated, I was overjoyed that I had learned something new! Im sure it wont go super smoothly next time, but my goal is to get better!

After videoing my desktop, I then decided to figure out how to edit with iMovie. After aimlessly clicking buttons, I watched a few youtube videos and was confident enough to try to make my own. I uploaded a few random videos and pictures in order to test it out. It took longer than expected, but by the end I felt that I had a strong foundation and can now move on to making my first video for my learning project! I guess we will see how this goes… Stay tuned friends!

-Ms. S


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