My name is what?

Friends! You get to see my first attempt at learning ASL. I am really wishing that my mom had looked into what my name is in ASL, before giving me my name. Who knew that introducing yourself to someone could be so hard. I think that I have a good start, but this is going to take so much practice. Enjoy!

I used two resources in order to learn how to introduce myself. The first is an ASL greeting card. This website allowed me to type in any word that I want to learn, and gives me each ASL letter in order to spell it. The second is the ASL app. I am going to be using this application throughout my whole ASL journey and I know that it is going to be very helpful! I am looking forward to finding more internet platforms that will help me!

-Ms. S


2 thoughts on “My name is what?

  1. slepickab says:

    Hi Shania, great idea for a project! I actually considered doing this too. For my EPSY400 class we are assigned a disability as an attempt to empathesize with those who have them and I ended up “becoming” hearing impaired. It really is an eye opening experience to go to class and not be able to hear a single thing that is going on. Trying something like this may bring an interesting perspective on a future post and it only takes a couple ear plugs – just a thought!

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