Now I know my ABC’s

Over the past little while I have been attempting to learn my ABC’s…in ASL

During this experience I keep thinking back to my internship as I taught a group of kindergarten students the alphabet. There were certain moments that I was frustrated by the fact that I worked so hard, but still, some students were not able to recognize certain letters. I then took on the challenge of learning the ASL alphabet. Rather than being in the teacher role, I was in the shoes of my little students. I sat down in front of my computer and watched videos over and over again hoping that my fingers would catch on quickly. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. I found a simple and straight forward video that I used as a foundation to learn the alphabet in ASL.

This video inspired and challenged me to create a video to not only show what I had learned, but to also test my skills in editing videos. Filming the video only took a few tries, but editing felt like it took forever. I wanted to include myself in the video, but also a close up of how my hands were moving and the letters that I was making. I was very proud of how well I did! My fingers got confused a few times, and trailed off the camera as I was signing “P” and “Q”, but asides from this, I was very happy with the outcome!

After completing this video I wanted to apply my knowledge by using another online platform. I discovered an app that had ASL alphabet word searches. The ASL Word Search App allowed me to practice my alphabet when I had any sort of down time. These word searches are taking me forever to find all of the words, but I know that I am going to get better as I go along. Hopefully I will be able to beat my current fastest time of 11 minutes and 37 seconds… maybe.


-Ms. S


6 thoughts on “Now I know my ABC’s

  1. brittanyjeffersonblog says:

    I am also learning ASL for my project as well! Thanks for posting this. I am curious to know how you were able to zoom into your hand. Are you using some type of program that allows you to edit like that? I have just been using my webcam and I would be interested in finding something that would let me edit my videos to make them better. Let me know your thoughts!

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    • ms.sonen says:

      Hi Brittany! It was one of the biggest challenges, but I will try my best to explain! I have a MacBook and have been using iMovie to edit my videos. In order to create this video I inserted two of the exact same videos. I cropped one of the videos so it was of just my hand, and figured out how to inset it into the other video. I hope this helps, I know that there are lots of other editing programs that might do the same thing. This might be confusing but I hope it helps you a little bit!

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