Look Mom! I’m Famous!

I hope this post brightens up your week! 🙂

About a year ago, a few friends and I got very into an app called Dubsmash. Rather than doing normal 19 year old things when we got together, we would create videos using this app. Dubsmash was released in 2014, and for those of you who may not know what this is, it is an application that allows you to record yourself dubbing over any audio that you choose. The Dubsmash slogan is “Be anyone you want to be,” and we sure used this to our advantage! We would spend countless hours creating these videos, sending them to friends, and laughing at how funny we thought they were. Last year on my friends birthday I decided that I would put some of these Dubsmash videos together and post it on Facebook, this was the outcome…

I hope that you found some joy in my embarrassing collection of videos. There are many Dubsmash videos that have caught the attention of many people and that have gone viral. To my pleasant surprise, the video that I posted got 2,675 views. These were some big numbers compared to the few videos I had posted that averaged maybe 7 likes. To some this may not seem like a lot, but to me, I was SHOCKED! I got a little taste of what it was of like to be an internet sensation (kind of).

When Dr. Alec Couros joined our class, I found myself super engaged and interested in many of the topics that he raised. I spend so much of my time scrolling through Facebook, Vine, and Youtube searching for the next best video. I have discovered that I particularly enjoy videos of cute little animals, clumsy children, and references about University students trying to survive the semester. These videos consume my time, but also bring so much positivity to my everyday life. I couldn’t agree more when Alec posted the quote, “We live in a world where a single post can define our lives, for better or for worse” because I see it every day.


We were assigned to watch An Anthropological Introduction on Youtube. He raised many points throughout the video my favourite being, “the web isn’t just about information, it’s actually about linking people and it’s about linking people in ways that we’ve never been linked before.” I think this quote is something that can apply to my future. I can use social media platforms to move beyond the walls of my classroom.

I have a silly example that I have chosen to share that illustrates how “when media changes, human relationships change”- Michael Wesch


This Is a photo of my grandfather. I FaceTimed him for his birth day and he did not know how to answer a FaceTime call. He answered the call and immediately put the phone to his ear. After a short explanation, he finally recognized that it was a video chat. That was the first step. He was so excited to be able to see my face, however, throughout the whole conversation the only thing I could see was his cute little forehead. After many lessons, my grandpa is slowly learning.

I received a FaceTime call from an enthusiastic 6 year old yelling “NIA, I LOST A TOOTH!” This call was made with no adult guidance, just the smart mind of my little cousin. She was able to locate the FaceTime app, call me, hold the camera just right, and end the call. I thought it was the most impressive thing, until I came to the realization that so many children are able to do this.

These two photos show a very clear comparison about how as technology changes, people change as well. This makes me look forward to all of the things that my students will teach me as we explore the world of technology together.

-Ms. S


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