Chelsea Vowel

Having the opportunity to watch Chelsea Vowels keynote presentation really opened my eyes. I learned many things, but there were a few points that really stuck out to me.

“You don’t get into a relationship with someone, set terms, and never speak to each other again. That is not a relationship of any use. You have to have constant dialogue. You have to keep coming back to it.”- Chelsea Vowel

This quote makes me think of all the relationships that I have in my life. I have to work to communicate with the people around me, I have to set time aside to spend time with people who are important to me, and I have to make the people in my life a priority. Vowel talks about how relationships have to be embarked on. This is a big step towards reconcilliation and we are just starting to do this, but people easily get tired of talking about topics like this. I now understand that it is my job to work to maintain it. It is going to take a shift in my outlook in order for myself to start asking questions like:

  • What kind of country do I want to live in?
  • What relationships do I want to have with one another and with everyone here?
  • How am I going to take action?

“Im accepting cottages”- Chelsea Vowel

The second topic that stood out to me was giving back the land. It something that I have never thought about before. I have always seen it as the house that my family “owns”, “our” farmland, and “my” cabin. It turns out that I have been thinking of these things all wrong, and I need to change this mindset that I have always had.

“Reconcilliation needs to centre on the land. It cant just be a change in the curriculum to learn about the past. Canadians need to start thinking about giving the land back and admitting that it is not yours.” – Chelsea Vowel

I find both Chelsea’s book and talk to be so captivating that I found myself searching for more. I came across her blog and spent some time exploring and seeing what other resources she had out there. This blog is filled with so many things that can help me in my treaty walk.

Overall, I need to work to “find space to education myself about this” and know that “if I am not feeling uncomfortable, I am probably not doing it right.”- Chelsea Vowel

– Ms. S


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