Shout Out to Peyton Sawyer


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“Social media is more than something we log into; it is something we carry within us. We can’t log off.” – Nathan Jurgenson

I never realized it until now, but all of the knowledge that I  have about digital citizenship was given to me from my past teachers. They walked me through the complex, constantly changing world of technology. Although they have taught me so much, technology is evolving so fast, that it is hard to keep up with it.

I have always been aware of myself while online, however, I have never specifically heard of the term Digital Citizenship. Throughout ECMP355, I now know that it is “the norms of appropriate, responsible behaviour with regard to technology use.” As an educator I need to go beyond this very basic definition with my students. They need to be able to use technology, but they also need to be prepared to live in a society that depends on technology every day. As they learn and move through this world I want them to be able to use it effectively, creatively, wisely, responsively, as well as reflectively. Students have to have the ability to question the technology that they are interacting with.

In using Menti, it inspired me to create a word cloud  that contains words around my new understanding of Digital Citizenship. I included words that I should be aware of as a person online, as a teacher, as well as words for my future students.


One of the ideas that stuck with me the most is the fact that with one single app, students are able to broadcast their lives for anyone to see at anytime. is an app that allows students to talk to friends, follow stars, communicate with new people, and share their broadcasts on other forms of social media. Users are now able to collect coins based on how often they broadcast, and how many live broadcasts they watch. The whole concept of live broadcasting is very interesting, however I recognize the potential dangers that it brings for my future students. When I heard of this app, the first thing I thought of is the one and only Peyton Sawyer, played by Hilarie Burton,  on One Tree Hill. I grew up watching this well known TV show and paid little attention to how Peyton had her webcam on 24/7 for anyone to see. Because I was so caught up in the show, I didn’t see it as a big deal when Peyton got into trouble because of her webcam. I now know that it is even more of a reality, because of the how advanced technology now is. It amazes me that students would want there life out there for everyone to see, and as a teacher it motivates me even more to teach them about their own digital citizenship.


As  I was exploring the ideas of digital citizenship on Twitter. I was amazed when I came across a wonderful bulletin board that would make students very aware about what they are doing online. Even just having visuals like this up in the classroom will set a solid foundation for students to know that they need to THINK about what they are doing online. After all, “School is an excellent place to help kids become capable digital citizens who use technology not only effectively and creatively, but also responsibly and wisely


Photo Credit: @wpsnurseleader

There are plenty of resources out there to guide me along as I teach my students. There are videos, lessons plans, and guidelines that I can always turn to. 9 Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship and an article titled Digital Citizenship are just two of the websites I found. Overall, I think the most important thing I learned is:

“Don’t just TEACH digital citizenship, MODEL digital citizenship” – ISTE

Lastly, no matter what happens, I know that I can always count on Kid President to give me good advice. When it comes to the internet, Kid President tells everyone to #MakeItHappy

I encourage you all to be a good digital citizen!

– Ms.S


4 thoughts on “Shout Out to Peyton Sawyer

  1. Janelle Clarke says:

    Such a great post!! I love the links, pictures and videos – it really makes for a great read!! But above all else, your Peyton Sawyer shout out. I lived and breathed that show when I was a teenager, and like you, never crossed my mind the blogging and blogcasts she did were detrimental to her well being – until Crazy brother Derek of course. Thank you for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. brittanyjeffersonblog says:

    When I saw the title of this blog, I just had to read it! Thanks for sharing all of your resources! It is funny how we can actually learn from soap operas like “One Tree Hills”. As I watched the show I use to think it was strange how her webcam was on all the time. Like you stated, you really didn’t pay attention to that detail. I feel like most people would have brushed that off as well. However, I am a very private person. I was even hesitant about starting a blog and “putting” myself out there for people to see. Through this class, I have come to realize that the mind set I had is not necessarily a good thing. I obviously do not want to be like Peyton and have the whole world know exactly what I am doing. But as educators, it is important to have people know that we are professionals who are dedicated to helping young people learn. Thank-you for writing this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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