Back to Kindergarten!

Hi friends! Today I practiced my colors and numbers!

As each week in this semester goes by, I get caught up in the business of classes and feel like I am getting further and further behind in learning ASL! I am determined to catch up on the posts that I have missed starting with learning my colors and numbers. I think these two concepts are very important and can act as a foundation for my learning!

First, I focused on learning the different colors. This will be super useful when I might need to describe things around me. I began by watching the wonderful ASL THAT! He is alway providing me with very detailed, yet simple videos for learning ASL.

After watching this video and practicing the colors for a while, I created my own video. I struggled so much with the color purple that I had to redo this video at least 8 times, but finally almost got it figured. Overall, I found the colors fairly easy to learn, as long as no one asks me to show them the sign for their purple shirt…

Throughout this process, I have also been adding fun ways to learn ASL to a Pinterest board. I have titled this board Learning ASL and spend so much time scrolling through Pinterest in search of tools that can help me. This is one of the posters that I used to help me learn the colors. 

The next step was finding a video to help me learn my numbers. Who did I turn to? ASL THAT of course! I found a video that goes all the way from 1 to 30, but as soon as I reached 20 I got lost. For this reason I decided to only focus on the numbers 1 to 20.

I practiced and practiced but found it very challenging to show the numbers with the back of my hand facing the person I would be talking to. This is just a movement that I am not used to (see me signing number three in the video for proof). I tried my best, and this is the result!

Throughout this whole process I am very grateful to be working on my ASL, but am also so happy that I have spent a crazy amount of time editing my videos. I have really been testing my patience as I paste 20 numbers one by one into a video. When I was halfway done I started regretting my decision, but was so happy with how they turned out! I now know that if I am not fluent in sign language by the end of the semester , I will at least be an iMovie professional!

Stay positive! 🙂

-Ms. S


3 thoughts on “Back to Kindergarten!

  1. victoriafredlund says:

    Shania! I love your videos and the fact that you are dedicated to learning ASL. This skill could definitely help you and future students one day!! I have always wanted to learn but have been intimidated by it. Maybe I will have to try now. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. missberner says:

    Shania! Your blog is beautiful!! You are getting so good at ASL, your progress is very noticeable! You should be proud of yourself! Also, I loved that you chose to learn your colours. This is something you could use in your classroom, and teach to your students. I have learned a lot from watching your videos, so I can only imagine the learning opportunities you could create with your students! Great job! 🙂


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