My Family

You are about to meet my family through ASL!

After receiving the resources from my ASL groups, I am now working my way through the 100 Basic Signs. The first section that I am working on is the signs for family!


mom, dad, boy-girl, marriage, brother-sister, grandpa-grandma, aunt-uncle, baby, single, divorced

I wanted to take all of these signs, and apply them to my very own family. Rather than just showing random images, I pulled pictures of my own mom, dad, brother, aunts, uncle, grandma, and grandpa. Doing this made learning these signs much more personal and meaningful. Check out my video! 🙂

As I was searching for ASL resources on Pinterest I also found a visual to help me learn signs for family. As I work through these different topics, I find that having images really helps me understand and grasp all of the different signs.

Credit: Pinterest

I continue to practice these signs, but in watching these videos back it is clear to see that I am definitely not perfect. I tend to have a general idea about what the signs look like, but my hands move in different directs, or fingers are not in the right place. With ASL, I could be conveying across a different message than I intended. At first I was very frustrated. Then I sat back and realized that it is part of the process. I can not just practice a sign once and have it perfect and memorized. I need to take the time to practice in order to get better. A way that I can practice the words in my video, and more, are through resources like flashcards.

I continue to recognize how time consuming it is to edit videos. It seems that there are just so many components to add before it is complete. I have split, cut, added words, added images, and added song over top. I think all of these things are not only enhancing my learning project, but are also challenging how I interact and use technology.

Are there any other family signs that I should learn? Do you have any helpful resources?

Show your family some love this week!

– Ms. S


I want to hear your thoughts!

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