Creating a Metis Sash

Two summers ago, I learned about the Metis Sash from my auntie. She was in the SUNTEP program in Saskatoon, and has a passion for teaching others about Metis peoples. After learning about Metis people in this class, I wanted her to refresh what I learned about the Sash and relearn how to make my own out of yarn. She is currently teaching in Korea, so I contacted her over Facebook and she gave me everything I needed to know.

When teaching her students about the sash she first introduces Metis Culture. She then goes into explanation about the sash, and how it is a symbol of Metis identity. She explained that it would be amazing to have access to a real sash in order to show students what it looks like, how to wear it, and explain its traditional uses.

She also provided me with many articles that have been so much help:

After learning more about the Metis Sash, I was ready to create my own. The colours I chose to interconnect are yellow, representing prosperity and green, representing growth. I found a beginners Youtube video that walked me through it step by step.

My final product definitely isn’t perfect, but I tried my best. Throughout this experience I learned that you need to reach out to the people around you, because they can help you learn so much. In the beginning I did not expect that my very own auntie could help me learn about the Metis Sash and further my treaty walk.

– Ms. S


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