Learning Places & Time

I have continued to learn the 100 First Signs.  This week I have been focusing on places and time. I created 2 videos that show my understanding of these two topics. I am finding it so very difficult to remember all of the words that I have been learning in such a short amount of time. One strategy I have found to be very helpful is to write down the word I am learning and the steps to sign it, or ways to remember it. With this being said, I feel like I have made so much progress!


home, work, school, store, church, come-go, car/drive, in-out, with,


day, night, week, month, year, future, past, today, finished

There are so many different places that people can go. I think it was very beneficial to learn of the main places that I would go, but it is also crucial to learn words that are associated with theses places. Words like come, go, in, out, and with go hand in hand with the places you visit. I am using these words as a foundation and can learn new words as I go to new places.

Time in ASL is much different than time in English. When signing in past tense, you sign “before” and then what you did, “finish” and then what you did, or “the time” and then what you did. When signing in future tense you sign “future” and then what you did. Lastly, in present tense you sign “now” and then what you did. This is completely opposite to what I am used to, and is something that I am going to have to keep in mind throughout this process.

I also found an article that addresses what I was talking about in my last post, about not being perfect. The Top 10 Most Common Mistakes ASL Newbies Make is an article that helped me out so much. It talks about how I need to:

  • Form my letters correctly
  • Ensure that my hands aren’t too floppy or too loose
  • Learn from the right sources
  • Work on handshape, palm orientation, placement, facial expressions and body language
  • Look at myself! 
  • Practice lots
  • Not give up
  • Think in ASL
  • Embrace that I am just learning

Happy signing

– Ms. S


I want to hear your thoughts!

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