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For this weeks blog post I had the pleasure of working alongside my lovely friend Shayla. We came up with this crazy idea and for some reason, Shayla didn’t talk me out of it. Together we created a text conversation between a teacher and parent about the classroom tool Remind. It was a very stressful and overwhelming experience but I am happy to say that I think we succeeded. In order to create it, we explored both the teacher and parent areas on the remind website, each chose our side and the points that we wanted to say. Following this we screen casted on my computer, and began texting away. I am confident when I say that while working on this video, we looked similar to this cat.


My hands were shaking, I was panicking, and I have never been so self-conscious about my typing abilities. Thankfully we made it through! Once we finished all that was left was to crop the video, and speed up just a touch. This is our final product:

I hope this gave you a little idea about what Remind is all about, but I will explain it a little more in detail. I am a little bit familiar with this app, as it is something that my cooperating teacher used in her classroom during my internship. With one simple note home, we were effectively able to communicate with parents in the classroom without having to collect 24 phone numbers. There were a few parents who were hesitant at first, but were appreciative of the tool as they were able to use it more. As an intern, I was able to remind students to bring specific supplies to school, or that there was a special presentation, or that we were going on a field trip. I always found myself turning to remind whenever I needed to communicate with parents for any reason. Yes, there are still times when you need that face-to-face interaction, but I think Remind can act as a foundation in building relationships with parents!

Remind can be used for parents, teachers, students, and administrators. All you have to do is going to their website and follow the steps to create an account. It allows teachers to  schedule announcements, attach files, post office hours, collaborate with other teachers, see who has read their messages, and plan activities. Using Remind, parents can receive instant updates, use any devices to communicate with teachers, and connect with other parents. Administrators are able to send school-wide messages, schedule announcements, communicate with other school leaders, and access additional privacy settings. Lastly, students are able to receive reminders, ask their teachers questions, and communicate with other students. Here is another little video that explains how Remind really works:

Overall, I definitely think I am going to use this amazing resource in my future classroom. It will help me to stay organized, keep myself and others accountable, foster relationships, and stay active with technology.

Have any of you used Remind before? What did you like about it or what would you change?

REMIND your students today,

– Ms. S


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