Food and Temperature

This week really brought out my true passion… food.

It is crazy to think that I have learned so much, and I am only 11 minutes into this video! There are still 13 minutes left of learning to do!


pizza, milk, hamburger, hot dog, egg, apple, cheese, drink, spoon, fork, cup, cereal, water, candy, cookie, hungry


hot, cold

I definitely know that all of these signs will be useful in the future!

Signing Savy also provides a large list of different foods to learn

These different temperatures can apply to the temperature of food, but they can also be used when talking about weather, or body temperature. I love learning topics that can be used to talk about a variety of things!

A concept that really stood out to me this week is how crucial facial expressions are when speaking ASL. This is something that I am not very good at. I try so hard to remember how to move my hands, that I do not make my facial expressions a priority. “The same exact hand-shape and movement can totally change meaning because of the facial expression that is used to accompany it.” The whole entire body works together to communicate using sign language! This is definitely something that I am going to work on as I make new videos.

How am I doing so far? Are there any other topics I should learn?

– Ms. S


I want to hear your thoughts!

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