I am officially half way done learning the 100 Basic Signs. The signs that I learned this week were all about clothes! This is a topic that is a part of our everyday life and the signs where super fun to learn. I found that they were very easy to remember as I could relate them to the articles of clothing I was signing.


shirt, pants, socks, shoes, coat, underwear

This week I really struggled with my video editing. I don’t want to admit how long I spent looking for clipart clothing images to insert into my video. I think they add so much, rather than just having the words on the bottom of the screen. Also, does anyone else get their patience tested as they wait for youtube videos to upload?

I think that something that I find very intriguing about learning ASL is the community and culture behind it. The National Association of the Deaf has an article that explains more about this diverse community. There are so many words and labels that are also a part of this community. For the most part people use the terms “deaf,” “hard of hearing,” or “hearing impaired.” The last term is often taken in a negative way, as it speaks to what a person can not do. No matter what, we need to treat people with respect. The simple words we choose have an impact. See people for who they are before their exceptionality.  This video says it all.

“When in doubt, ask the individual how they identify themselves.”

Until next time

– Ms. S


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