ASL In The Classroom

The last learning project post…

To summarize what I have learned about ASL, I wanted to figure out how I could apply my new knowledge in my future classroom. During my internship we had a book that taught the signs of the alphabet that students loved to explore. Using this as a foundation, I wanted to see what other resources were out there as well as some benefits of including ASL in the classroom.

I found a few articles that support why ASL should be implemented into the classroom and how to do it:

Benefits of Using ASL in Your Classroom

Teachers Turning to Sign Language to Help with Classroom Management

ASL Classes Beneficial to Both Deaf and Non-Deaf Students

How to Teach… Sign Language

I Have collected a list and pictures of resources that I could also integrate into my classroom:

  • ASL Dominos

  • ASL Uno

Overall ASL is something that I see great benefits in and I will be teacher my future students for sure!

I hope that this helps future educators!

– Ms. S


I want to hear your thoughts!

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