How Have I Contributed to the Learning of Others?

From the very beginning of the class it was very clear to see that I was going to be learning so much from others.  There were so many ways to communicate with my classmates, and I loved exploring all of these platforms. In the beginning I was very hesitant, but became more comfortable by the end of the class. I can say that everyone helped me, and I hope that I helped them learn too!


I can say with confidence that at the beginning of this class I was against Twitter. As it turns out, I should not have been so stubborn. I turned into an obsessive Twitter using, and spent a crazy amount of time scrolling through and sharing resources. It allowed me to connect with the people in my class, but I also found myself connecting to so many other educators beyond this.

  • My favourite part about Twitter is all of the valuable resources I found. I think that I contributed to the learning of my classmates through all of the resources that I shared almost daily. #feedly I was also able to share my blog posts in order for others to see.

  • I loved how I was able to retweet and reply to the resources that other people shared. They also help me discover new topics that I am interested in, and new hashtags that I could implement into my Tweets.

  • I was able to take part in 2 #saskedchats through this semester. At first I was very nervous, but with the help of Tweetdeck, I found them to be super engaging. I was able to learn from others, gain valuable resources, and share my resources. I will definitely be taking part in more of these chats on Thursday nights.


I loved looking at the creativity in my classmates blog posts every week. I don’t want to admit how much time I spent creeping on other peoples blogs. I tended to comment on others blog posts when I was interested in it, and wanted to learn more about. I know that I could have commented more, but think I did the best as I could with the time I had. Here are some examples of the comments I made this semester.

Google Community

Overall I think the google community is something that I enjoyed exploring, however I did not choose to communicate and contribute to the learning of others through this tool. I checked the weekly plans and stayed up to date on what was being posted, however

Thank you all for helping me learn!

– Ms. S


I want to hear your thoughts!

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