I believe…

– I believe that every single child that comes into my classroom can succeed. As their teacher, I need to provide them with the tools and skills in order for them to do so.
– I believe that all students come into the classroom with prior knowledge and experiences. This knowledge and these experiences can be drawn upon and help my students become lifelong learners.
– I believe that I need to allow my children to solve problems, communicate effectively, and think critically.
– I believe that my students should be prepared to work independently, but should also learn how to effectively work as a team.
– I believe that each child comes into my classroom with unique and individual needs. Each student should be treated as an individual, and every individual deserves to learn.
– I believe that I am a role model for my students so I will conduct myself with confidence, honesty, professionalism, and empathy.
– I believe that I need to create a safe space for my students in which their thoughts, options, and beliefs are respected and valued.
– I believe that it is vital to incorporate families into the learning of their children.
– I believe that my classroom is a place for learning, but also for humour, silliness, and smiles.
– I believe that not only will I teach the students, but they have an abundance of knowledge to share with me