Kindergarten Internship

Morning Routine & Centers- Lesson Plan & Sample Activities

Patterns- Unit


Pumpkin Inquiry-

Bones Inquiry-

Fine Motor Kit

Grade One

Introductory Lesson- Jumping Into Grade One Book

CR1.2- Rhyming Lesson Plan

ELA Centers- Centers Lesson Plan

Making Addition Fun- Grade One Math Kit

SE1.1- 5 Senses Unit

DS1.1- Seasons Lesson Plan

IN1.1, 1.2 & 1.3- Interactions and Interdependence

IN1.2- Playdough Diversity

Physical Education- Classroom Play Kit

PE1.8- Jungle Movers

USC1.1- Healthy Eating Lesson Plan

CP1.1-  Animal Movement Lesson Plan

Grade Two

ELA- Reading Intervention Portfolio

Grade Four

USCU4.3- Health Inquiry

Grade Five

RW5.1 & 5.2-  Resources and Wealth